This bathroom is referred to as the Napoleon Bathroom because of the very unique, carved, solid marble tub that was found on the property. One enters this bathroom from the north side of the library. This tub was purchased from the Napoleon Estate in France by Buford Balter, who was the owner of 849 East Scenic Drive for several years. The heiress from whom the Danielsons purchased the property was Elaine Kolp. Mrs. Kolp authenticated the origin of Napoleonís tub and stated that Mr. Balter had Rolls Royce automobiles, and he went to England every two or three years for servicing of his vehicles. From there he traveled to France. He was very interested in Napoleon and bought Napoleonís bathtub from the Napoleon Estate. He transported the tub from France to New Orleans by ship watering trough, boasting that his horses were royalty and should only drink out of a kingís tub.

The tub weighs 2000 pounds, and it took an extensive amount of work to buff and polish this weathered piece of art and required additional foundation to support such a heavy marble tub. It was a difficult object to move. The Danielsons had approximately fifteen or sixteen Seabees who were helping clear land and who also helped elevate the tub from its semi-buried position in the ground to (2) four by fours. A forklift was used utilized to transport the tub to the front porch area of the home, and then eventually, with the help of many people, the construction crew was able to roll the tub into its permanent location in the home.

Above the bathtub is a nude painting by Barnaudo Bernini, a famous Italian artist.

The porcelain lavatory and pull-chain commode are original, not reproductions, and the unit was restored to perfect working order. A French chandelier hands in the ceiling.



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