This room features an antique French Colonial leather parlor suite, Italian marquetry cabinet, Napolean III ebony burl walnut desk, Federal convex mirror, and turn of the century fan/light.

A rare steel-engraved, hand water-colored portrait of Stonewall Jackson is displayed on the north wall. Inserted behind the glass are tail hairs from General Thomas J. Jackson’s hors. This piece was done in 1871 to generate money for General Jackson’s tomb in Lexington, Virginia.

Jefferson Davis Desk


In 1881 Jefferson Davis gave his desk as a gift to his nephew who became a journalist with his first placement at the Tarpon Beacon in Pass Christian. The desk had remained in the Tarpon Beacon building all of those years before being acquired by the Danielsons. The Tarpon Beacon building was severely damaged by Hurricane Camille, yet the desk remained intact.

It was hand built by slaves from imported Mahogany. This desk is a piece of history from a “Man with a country.” A look around may tell you his friends are near.

Profile Pastel Painting of General Robert E. Lee

William L. Shepherd, who is a native Virginian, is considered to be one of the finest of several Confederate veterans who became artists and portrayers of Confederate life and illuminaries during and after the Civil War.

Shepherd used pastels, the only medium he had available other than pen and ink, in 1864, to create this heroic profile of General Lee following a visit by the beloved Southern commander to the Richmond Howitzers on a northern Virginia battlefield. Shepherd was a member of the artillery unit throughout the war and was highly decorated.




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