This is the original exterior porch, enclosed to become the Hallway with openings to all rooms and an exit to the courtyard. The beaded board ceiling is original, hand-stripped and painted. All exterior ceilings have been faithfully replicated in the same design. The windows in the North Hall were installed from the now existing north end of the dining room. Where the windows were is an archway and a balcony looking down into the great room from the dining room. The double window in the middle is an original sliding window restored to perfection by hand and is now in the Northwest Wing.

There is a mural painted on the west wall. This oil mural on canvas was done from the original photograph of the home at the turn of the century. The original photograph that the artist, Tehle Magufee, worked from is hung on the opposite wall from the large mural. This mural is 19 long and 7 tall.

Going north down the hall, the first room is the laundry room. This room has been restored with original beaded board walls and ceiling. The large restored cabinet was the original kitchen cabinet. There is a back door exit to the outside walkway from the laundry room.

The second room down the hall is a guest room which is called the Belle B'Anne Blue Room.



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