The additional outbuildings in order are: an old restored bath house, the cook house, the carriage house, 62 x 52, with a loft and the area for carriage stalls, the tackroom, and the horse stalls. The Danielsons now use this area for storage and other purposes. In the horse stall area, there is a stairway leading up to the area where hay was stored for winter feeding.

Behind the Carriage House was a four-stall garage which the Danielsons did not know existed until five months after purchasing the property, as the entire property, other than a small area in the front yard, was just thick forest and underbrush. The Danielsons had to clear the land by cutting trees, brush, shrubs, etc. to clear enough area just to walk around the main house. There were trees growing from the chain wall of the foundation of the house. The four-stall garage was where Mr. Buford Balter kept his two Rolls Royce automobiles.

Across the driveway that goes through the property to Second Street is a hexagonal building. The Daniels are not sure of its purpose, It is an unusual building which has been completely restored.

Further down the road towards Second Street and across the road from the Carriage House is the Well House, which is a hexagonal building matching the hexagonal building described above. This building houses the pump for the 750 foot well. The well has crystal water, which the Danielsons have been told originates from the Tennessee shelf. The irrigation system is furnished by this well, and if Dr. Danielson had his preference, he would be using this water instead of city water in the house. This was one of the best investments made, because the irrigation costs were extensive before the well was put in, and the Danielsons have unlimited supply of water excellent job of keeping the gardens and landscaping fresh and beautiful.

Down the road is another bath house, five-sided, called the Penthouse. These bath houses undoubtedly were used by the servants after the turn of the century or in the late 1800s.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is 30 x 30 with 15 ceilings and is used to warehouse the delicate tropicals during the winter months and for gardening purposes.

The Danielsons carried through the same basic design for all of these outbuildings, the same pillars and the same Greek Revival dental surroundings the entire main house. The Danielsons paid so much attention to detail that this same design was carried out on the back side of the garage as well with half octagonal pillars on the back side of the garage.

Wake up to a serene, calming view of the Gulf of Mexico and impressive landscape. This estate is impressive and comfortable in every way and the most historically intact property on the Coast.



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